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“Una get how many pekine?”

In the Southwest region of Cameroon, English is spoken more commonly than French, and so we thought this would mean that we’d have no problem communicating.  For the most part this has proven to be true; however, English as we … Continue reading

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From the (second) highest point in Africa. (the brochure lied…*correction*…from about the 12th highest point in Africa)

Last Thursday we met with some local guides to plan a trip up Mt. Cameroon. The trek is not a very difficult or long one, but we decided to do it in 3 days to better enjoy the scenery, take … Continue reading

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The road into Akwaya.

Many of the villages in the Akwaya subdivision are struggling to meet their basic needs. One of the main factors why life is so hard for much of the population in the region, is simply that they are isolated. The … Continue reading

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Into the rural Southwest.

Last week, we traveled to the rural communities where FORUDEF focuses most of its attention.  The subdivision of Akwaya is made up of 99 small and remote villages in the Southwest province.  Because very little aid or attention is directed … Continue reading

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Working with FORUDEF.

Every weekday morning we walk down to the main road to catch a taxi to work. Taxis here will take you to your end destination; however, before they get there they are likely to make 3 or 4 detours, pick … Continue reading

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A visual update.

A view of Mt. Cameroon from our backyard.

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About those photos…

We would love to show you some photos of what things look like in Buea, and after spending a few hours trying to upload some, we have been thwarted by slow internet connections and remain without any photos to display. … Continue reading

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