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Everyday Buea

Home: While we technically do live in the regional capital city of Buea, we more specifically live in what used to be a separate village called Bonduma. We don’t actually have an address that we’re aware of, but do we … Continue reading

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Introducing Garri: A dish with the potential to do more than satisfy your hunger.

Who would have thought that something that needs to be harvested, washed, peeled, grated, pressed, fermented, dried, sifted and fried before it is even edible (due to high levels of cyanide in its raw state) would become one of the … Continue reading

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On our ever expanding collection of pidgin

As we’ve been working on our pidgin, we’ve noticed that kids seem to be the best audience.  One reason is that they usually haven’t been taught much of the formal English that we speak yet, and so unless we speak … Continue reading

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The truth about white man food…

Since we’ve given our opinion on some of Cameroon’s recipes, it’s probably only fair that we also include some of Cameroon’s views on our food. A few weeks ago, together with our roommates, we put together a western meal for … Continue reading

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Eating in Cameroon: The good, the bad, and the palatable.

When visiting another country, food is often something that adds a lot to the experience; however, there are times where eating is more of a painful encounter than an event to get excited about.  When it comes to Cameroon, we’re … Continue reading

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