FORUDEF has secured a permanent partnership with Global Giving!

Ote village

We would like to thank our friends, families, friends of friends, co-workers, acquaintances, those who have remained anonymous, and generous individuals we don’t even know for helping us to enable FORUDEF to win the Global Giving Open Challenge (since it is not a traditional competition, every organization that meets the set-out goals is considered a winner…isn’t that nice). With more than nine days remaining in the challenge, we have been able to raise over $5,000 from 59 donors! FORUDEF not only met the requirements for becoming a permanent partner of Global Giving, but also raised more than enough to fund the entire income-generating project for the women in Ote.

A month ago, we were still in Cameroon and preparing to begin the challenge to collect the funds for this group of women in Ote village.  Since we last posted on the blog about FORUDEF’s project with Global Giving, we have been working hard to fundraise and create awareness for this project. We have been amazed at how quickly we have seen the support come in. We were in the initial stages of planning some fundraiser dinners, dessert nights and presentations and, as great as they would have been, we will have to put those plans aside for a future project, as we have already raised what we need for this project.

For us, this is an exciting time and we feel a sense of fulfillment as we see the funds in place to put into effect a project that has the potential to fundamentally improve the lives of an entire community. What started as an informal meeting with a local women’s group in a small hut in Ote village, has turned into a collective drive to provide a group of determined women with the resources to create positive change in their community. It has been exciting to see this happen and to share this experience with those around us. We feel blessed and incredibly grateful for the overwhelming support FORUDEF has received and the commitment we have observed from people willing to partner with those in need. While we appreciate those that helped financially, we are equally thankful for all of you that took on the challenge with us and helped spread the word.  The success of this project is not only in collecting the funds, but also in creating a network of people interested in the work FORUDEF is doing and in inspiring change through women.  Almost half of the 59 donors of the project we do not personally know, which is a huge testament to the collective nature this project needed to succeed.

It works.

We have been receiving regular emails from Moses (the Executive Director of FORUDEF) expressing his surprise and appreciation for all the support that has come in. He says he feels extremely for your willingness to believe in what FORUDEF is doing and your commitment to partnering with their organization. Once the money is sent, FORUDEF can begin to implement the cassava processing project and provide the women of Ote with the income-generating opportunity they have been waiting for. We will post continued updates about the project’s progress and FORUDEF will be reporting regularly through the project page on the Global Giving website, which will include photos. We would once again like to thank you for your support, encouragement and belief in what we have been doing and your willingness to support meaningful and effective initiatives at the grassroots level.

The FORUDEF team.

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3 Responses to FORUDEF has secured a permanent partnership with Global Giving!

  1. Lorraine says:

    What a privilege it is to help, even in some small way. May these people be richly blessed!! Thanks Matt and Mischa for helping and allowing us to be a part of this great venture.

  2. Jenn says:

    Yah! I’m glad it reached it’s goal. I’m excited to hear more about the project and see what happens in the future. Gotta love social media 😉

  3. Annie says:

    So proud of you guys!!

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