News on FORUDEF’s cassava and nutrition projects

Since we have last sent out an update on the status of the cassava processing project for the women’s group in Ote, many steps have been carried out to bring the project closer to completion.

We have recently heard from Moses, and he described to us his latest trip up into Akwaya. Now that the rains have ceased, the trip is much easier such that all the cassava processing equipment has been constructed and delivered to Ote. Additionally, the processing site has been cleared, the mud bricks have been made by the village’s women, and the men have cut and transported timber. What now remains is the construction of the processing facility and the final testing of the equipment before the women are trained to use and maintain the equipment, and processing begins. If everything goes as planned, the processing centre should be fully functioning and producing a marketable product within the next month or two.

It has also been exciting to see support continue to come in for the nutrition project aimed at empowering communities in rural areas with the tools and knowledge needed to improve their diets and meet the nutritional needs of their communities. FORUDEF has currently raised more the half of the total needed to carry out a nutrition project in communities that experience critical levels of malnutrition, and we are incredibly excited to know that the goal of tangibly helping communities in need is coming closer to fruition with each incoming donation. We are confident that FORUDEF will meet its fund-raising target and that we will soon have all the resources in place to help empower women with the nutritional knowledge to improve the health and productive standards of their communities. Please visit the project page on Global Giving website and consider making a contribution to a sustainable and empowering initiative. FORUDEF is truly grateful for all of those that join with their vision in seeing communities change and grow from within themselves.

It doesn’t take much to make a difference in this world, and we can all be a part of meaningful change.

Please follow the link to FORUDEF’s nutrition project page on the Global Giving website, and please spread the word!

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2 Responses to News on FORUDEF’s cassava and nutrition projects

  1. Lorelei says:

    We are 2 volunteers from France and Germany who should come to work with the FORUDEF in the end of June or the beginning of July. We are part of the Glen program, which gathers volunnteers for global education internships in the global south.
    In order to organize our trip, we tried to contact the FORUDEF but couldn’t reach them. We were wondering if you could give us an email in order to have a first contact.
    Moreover, we are very curious of what you are doing in Cameroon, how it is to live there, relation with the population… We think it could be interresting for us to learn from you so, could we be in contact, by email for example ?

    Thank you very much,
    Loreleï and Linda

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