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News on FORUDEF’s cassava and nutrition projects

Since we have last sent out an update on the status of the cassava processing project for the women’s group in Ote, many steps have been carried out to bring the project closer to completion. We have recently heard from … Continue reading

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An update from Ote.

Now that the rainy season has ended, teams from FORUDEF are finally able to head back up to Ote village. While some villages are accessible year-round, many of the villages are essentially only reachable by foot during much of the … Continue reading

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FORUDEF has secured a permanent partnership with Global Giving!

We would like to thank our friends, families, friends of friends, co-workers, acquaintances, those who have remained anonymous, and generous individuals we don’t even know for helping us to enable FORUDEF to win the Global Giving Open Challenge (since it … Continue reading

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Global Giving – an opportunity to make a lasting change.

  One of the biggest problems facing grassroots organizations in the developing world is a lack of funding. This is the case for many international NGOs and larger organizations as well; however, the majority of funding sources that are available to larger, … Continue reading

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Nutrition as development in rural areas Pt. II

In the last couple of weeks, we have continued to work with the women’s groups in the villages of Mamu and Tole to focus on improving nutrition, and indirectly, health and quality of life. After the initial training workshop, we … Continue reading

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The way forward

After now being here for nearly 6 months, we have a number of experiences to look back on and evaluate our time partnering with a local NGO in community development initiatives. We both agree that this has been an unequivocally … Continue reading

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Some thoughts on secondhand ‘aid’.

Everyday, shipping containers packed full of secondhand clothing from Europe and North America are unloaded at Douala’s main port and transported to markets throughout the country. The clothing has been packed into bales and, once arriving in Cameroon, those made … Continue reading

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